Friday, May 8, 2009

S Train - Times Square (Extra Days, stop #462)

Out:  See photos and description for 1/2/3 Trains - 42 St.-Times Sq.

In:  This end of the shuttle has  a different platform layout than any one I've seen.  There is  a three platform, three track layout but they are all staggered and end at the point where the shuttle track terminates.  The platforms themselves are on the same level of the expansive Times Sq. mezzanine level (i.e. no extra stairs), between the 1/2/3 and N/Q/R/W trains, directly opposite of the featured musical performer spot (today some guy on the guitar).  It seems that only two platforms and two tracks are in use; passengers wait expectantly to find out which platform they need to rush to in order to get on the train.  There is white tiling on the very far wall but mostly there is just black tunnel to be seen.  The columns near the platform are white with burgundy trim, some wrapped in advertising (it is Times Sq., after all).  Eventually the diminuitive 3-car train pulls into the station.