Friday, May 8, 2009

S Train - Grand Central (Extra Days, stop #463)

Out:  See photos and description for 4/5/6 Trains - 42 St.-Grand Central.

In:  The ride over from Times Sq. is, not surprisingly, very brief.  The station on this end looks much nicer, with renovated white tiling on the walls and mosaic "Grand Central" with artwork in red and blue.  The layout is 2 platform, 3 track here, again with a terminus and big "STOP" signs for the trains.  It looks like only one platform and two tracks are actively in use, though.  Past the train terminus there is a long tunnel that leads to Grand Central Station.  The one drawback here is that it is less conveniently located to make connections to other trains; one end of the platform exits at Madison Ave., indicating how far it is from the 4/5/6 trains in particular.