Friday, May 8, 2009

N/R/W Trains - 49 St. (Extra Days, stop #464)

Out:  At 49 St. and 7 Ave. the craziness of Times Square is nearing its northernmost extent.  There are still huge ads and neon lights, but looking north it really fades out past 50th St.  Most of the people on the street are either tourists or guys trying to get them to buy stuff (hats, sunglasses, tickets, etc.).  Right above the stop is the Hawaiian Tropic Zone as well as nearby chintzy souvenier stores along with the typical-type deli and coffee shop.  

To the south are large, new-ish looking office towers while to the north some of the buildings become markedly older-looking, possibly residential but likely still office space.  On the street, one of the entrances even has the glossy-brick facade.

In:  The layout here is two platform, four track with express bypass.  The walls are in glossy-red painted brick here, similar to some of the E stop at Lexington (if I remember correctly).  Besides that nothing too remarkable; there are no columns by the platform.  There are exits out to 47 and 49 Sts. on 7th Ave, with a small newsstand at the 49 St. end.