Thursday, May 7, 2009

A/C/E Trains - 34 St.-Penn Station (Extra Days, stop #461)

Out:  Outside the station there is a strange mix of buildings.  At 33rd St., Penn Station, MSG, a large office building as well as an older one are all directly outside.  

Across 8th Ave. is the majestic main Post Office in Manhattan (which will supposedly one day become the new Penn Station).  

People of all ethnicities and socioeconomic classes are out here on the streets by the station.  There are plenty of office workers, tourists, and other folks around.  It's plenty busy on the sidewalk.  There are smallish restaurants, a parking garage, and Duane Reade on 33rd.  34th still has more midscale places like Riese, Friday's, a diner, Payless, and the "Cinderella Club".  All in all it looks a little skeezy, but definitely not hoody.

In:  The station here has the same strange layout as the 1/2/3 stop on the 7th Ave. side.  The layout is three platform, four track, with the middle platform  offering express access in both directions, and the outer platforms for local access.  There is a burgundy color scheme with mosaic station signs and small lettered numbers on black tiles.  The mezzanine here is below the tracks, with a connection directly into Penn Station; the crossunder here connects the express and local tracks.  The exit into Penn Station is under the south end of the platform.  In general the station is well-lit and in pretty good shape.  There are exits from the local platform out to 33rd St., 34th St., and 35th St.  Smaller mosaic signs at the exits direct you up to MSG or Penn Station.