Tuesday, May 5, 2009

R/V Trains - 67 Ave. (Day 9, stop #374)

Out:  There are more large (~12 story) brick apartment buildings near the stop, as well as others more like ~6 stories.  

The people around include a mix of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and a few Asian, but the area seems mostly white/Eastern European.  

Again, what you expect for middle-class Queens. Some of the businesses around include a CVS, coffee shop, and Knish Knosh restaurant.  There’s also a Hungarian pastry place, the Kosher “King David” restaurant, and some signs in Russian, along with (gasp) a Starbucks.  I took advantage of this familiar establishment to buy a bottle of water and use the bathroom.

In:  The layout here is two platform, four track with express bypass.  The tile mosaic station sign is in the IND style, with a black background and sky blue border.  The tile stripe down the wall is in sky blue and there are royal blue metal columns by the platform edge.  The layout is similar to other stops under Queens Blvd, but here the booth is at the end of the mezzanine instead of in the middle.