Tuesday, May 5, 2009

F Train - 75 Ave. (Day 9, stop #373)

Out:  Most of the people outside this stop are now white, which is a big difference from the stops I had just been visiting.  I hear some old, heavily made-up women outside the stop speaking something that sounds like Hebrew.  There may also be some Middle Eastern presence here.  The housing is a mix of tenements, high-rises, and low-slung apartment buildings.  The neighborhood is solidly middle class.  There’s not too much traffic at this time on Queens Boulevard, but it is still very wide.  

Some of the establishments around here include Eckerd, a health care place, a firehouse, a “Hibachi” restaurant, an Argentinian steakhouse, and the “Pinang” Malaysian-Thai restaurant.  If it weren’t for the apartment towers, this area looks more like the suburbs than part of the city.

In:  The station here is all sea green, all the time.  There are sea green metal columns, a sea green tile stripe down the wall, and a mosaic station sign with sea green background and black border.  Pretty unappealing.  It’s similar to the other stations on this stretch of the F, with a large mezzanine extending the length of the platform.  Here, however, part of the mezzanine is uncontrolled, and the part beyond the turnstiles is separated by chain link fencing instead of the usual black metal grates.  The layout is two platform, four track with express bypass.  At ~11:45 a.m., the station is really empty.