Tuesday, May 5, 2009

F Train - Sutphin Blvd. (Day 9, stop #372)

Out:  Near the stop here there are well-maintained brick tenements as well as many small stores, some of them looking a bit upscale.  Some of the more interesting places include the “Punto Rojo” restaurant, “Dreamz” sports bar and “Taj Mahal” restaurant.  

All places advertise that they are strictly Halal and there are signs in Bengali.  There still seem like plenty of South Asians around here, but there is some Hispanic presence, including “La Nacional” store.  Besides that there are the typical neighborhood delis, etc.  The side streets here mostly have smaller apartment buildings and some houses.  In general this neighborhood looks pretty quiet and residential off the main drag.

In: Similar to Van Wyck Blvd., with yellow and black tile color scheme.  The station is reasonably clean, but there are also some weird leaks around; otherwise the same as Van Wyck.  When I get back into the station to leave, there are some thuggish Indian kids dribbling a basketball on the platform.