Monday, May 4, 2009

F Train - Parsons Blvd. (Day 9, stop #371)

Out:  There commercial strip here is a little dirtier than 169 St.  There are still plenty of South Asians around, but also a good number of black and Hispanic.  Again, I can smell food cooking right outside the station.  The residences here are mostly mid-sized apartment buildings.  

There are lots of stores (Dunkin’ Donuts, liquor store, Hispanic restaurant, car service, delis, “Queen of Sheba” grocery, “Bombay Video”) on both Hillside and Parsons.

In:  The layout here is two plat, four track with local and express access (even though there are currently only local trains on this line).  There are red metal columns at the edge of the platform as well as a red tile stripe down the white-tiled walls.  There are no mosaic station signs here.  The concrete floors are dirty, and the mezzanine is long, wide, and extends the length of the platform.  The paint on the ceiling is peeling pretty badly.