Monday, May 4, 2009

F Train - 169 St. (Day 9, stop #370)

Out:  There are many Indian-type smells outside this stop, including the aroma of spices and cooking in the air.  There’s the Chinese and Thai restaurant that bills itself as “Strictly Halal” (see photo) as well as the Indo-Pak grocery.  

The buildings on the main drag here are fairly low-slung commercial and residential, but there are larger apartment blocks on the side streets.  

There are a few other Bangladeshi and Indian restaurants around, along with banks and other middle-class-type establishments.  In addition to the South Asians, there is also some black, Hispanic, and East Asian presence here; i.e., a typical Queens mixture.

In:  There is a reddish-orange and black theme in this station.  The station sign is in mosaic tile with a black background and reddish-orange border.  There is also a tile stripe in the same color scheme down the wall.  There setup is four platform, two track with express bypass.  There are sea green metal columns at the edge of the platform, and the lighting looks ok.  While the platforms are pretty narrow, there mezzanine is pretty large with concrete floors; it extend the length of the platform.