Monday, May 4, 2009

F Train - Jamaica-179 St. (Day 9, stop #369)

Out:  The area here appears a mix of low-slung and mid-size residential and lots of small stores.  There are plenty of cars on Hillside Ave.  There are many kids around, along with adults, and the neighborhood seems to be a mix of Hispanic, South Asian, and black.  There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts, pizzeria, salon, “gifts” place, “Golden Chicken”, etc…the usual stuff.  There’s also an OTB, one of my favorites, and the “Subway Bar” which looks a little trendy.  

The area is fairly busy at this time (10:45 a.m.), and many buses stop nearby here.  It looks a little gritty here, but definitely not too bad.  In fact, there are even “Luxury Condos” going up out here (see photo), which I certainly did not expect. 

In:  There are off-white rectangular tiles on the walls and blue-grey metal columns by the platform edge.  There are brick-style floor tiles as well.  The mezzanine is large.  The layout is two platform, four track for local and express access here at the last stop of the F train (even though now there is only local service at this station).  Also there is an elevator here.  The bathrooms are closed, unfortunately.  There are many different exits from this station.