Monday, May 4, 2009

E/F Trains - Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike (Day 9, stop #368)

Out:  There is a big fountain here, nice shade trees, and large office buildings.  Queens Borough Hall is around here (or at least it’s on signs around here), but I’m not exactly sure which building it is.  I also see some 5-story tenements around.  The buildings here seem to a mix of municipal and residential, and there is also a mix of residents and office workers on the street.  

The residents seem to be mixed between Hispanic, black, and South Asian.  Some of the local businesses include little cafes, a realty office, Nathan’s, and a dialysis center.  The area around here looks pretty mid- to upscale.  Queens Blvd. has plenty of traffic, but the side streets seem quiet and there are a good number of trees around.  Also: it is getting really hot out here…today is shaping up to be kind of miserable.

In:  The layout here is again two platform, four track with local and express access.  There are dirty concrete floors, and white wall tiles with a yellow tile stripe.  There is no mosaic station sign, just some small black tiles painted with the name as is typical at express stops on the IND.  There are blue metal columns by the edge of the platform, and the platforms are kind of narrow.  The mezzanine is big, with lots of construction going on.