Tuesday, May 5, 2009

R/V Trains - 63 Dr.-Rego Park (Day 9, stop #375)

Out:  This area again seems predominantly white/Eastern European, with some Asians around.  Again seems very middle class, as well.  There is a similar mix of stores near the stop as I saw at 67 Ave., such as Pizza Hut and GNC, but there is also “Wiggles” which looks like a strip club.  There are again big apartment blocks for housing.  

A block or two away, though, this neighborhood tries to resemble the suburbs even more: there’s a big box strip mall with a Marshalls, Circuit City and a Bed Bath & Beyond.

In:  Similar to 67 Ave., except here the mezzanine is divided with separate turnstile access for the Manhattan and Queens-bound sides.