Friday, May 1, 2009

R/V Trains - 46 St. (Day 7, stop #304)

Out:  The area around this stop is again very residential.  There are mostly small houses with some smaller apartments.  The people are a mix of South Asian, East Asian, white, and Hispanic, and each group seems about equally divided.  The block itself looks very quiet.  There are only a couple of small businesses, including mom & pop grocery, donuts, hairstyling, insurance, etc.  This definitely appears to be a nice place for the kids.  There may be some gentrification going on in this neighborhood, or at least there is a surprising number of well-off-looking white people.

In:  Similar to N. Blvd. but with purple columns.  On this hot day I managed to find a spot on the platform that somehow has a cool breeze of A/C, which is a great relief.