Friday, May 1, 2009

R/V Trains - Northern Blvd. (Day 7, stop #303)

Out:  Northern Blvd. is wide and busy here, with six lanes across.  This intersection is decidedly not residential, but instead feels kind of industrial.  On the side streets there are small row houses.  At the intersection there is a car dealership along with a couple of fruit stands and a diner.  There’s also a Sports Authority and immigration services.  The area still seems primarily South Asian, but there is a good mix of whites, Hispanics, and East Asians as well.

In: Similar to 65 St., with blue/grey metal columns at the edge of the platform.  There setup here is also only two track, two platform (the express tracks are not visible here and go through a different tunnel).  This station is also somewhat better-maintained than 65 St.