Friday, May 1, 2009

R/V Trains - Steinway St. (Day 7, stop #305)

Out:  The area here is mostly white, with some Asian and Hispanic as well.  This is a big commercial strip with lots of small stores.  Some look pretty old, while others look kind of trendy (see photos).  There are also some 3-4 story apartment buildings around.  

The area looks solidly middle-class, but no real signs of gentrification (even though there is a yoga studio and some new condos).  There are also furniture stores and a nails place, along with an eclectic-looking jazz bar and restaurant.  There are plenty of banks, pharmacies, etc. on Broadway.

In:  Same as 46 St., but maybe a bit dirtier and worse-maintained.  The mezzanine is very large here.  For some reason at this stop I can access both sides from the same entrance.