Tuesday, May 5, 2009

N/W Trains - Broadway (Day 9, stop #382)

Out:  There isn’t quite as much commercial activity by this stop as at the previous three in Astoria.  The surroundings may also be a little bit dirtier, but the area still seems quite safe and residential.  There is an upscale-looking Brazilian restaurant, “Sanford’s” restaurant, and a good sports bar I’ve been to before, “Broadway Station”.  There are Greek and Cypriot places around as well.  Everything is still low-scale and ethnically mixed.  There are lots of white people (i.e. non-European or gentrifier) around, maybe more than before.  There are also still a good number of Hispanic, European, and Asian as well.  The organic food market is a sign of gentrification, even though it isn’t too obvious by the people on the street.

In:  Similar to 30 Ave., but in slightly worse condition.