Tuesday, May 5, 2009

N/W Trains - 36 Ave. (Day 9, stop #383)

Out:  Now the neighborhood is more Hispanic-feeling, and less Greek.  This is the southern part of Astoria, and getting into Long Island City.  There is the “Melao” supper club over here, “Poratra’s Lounge and Bar”, “Copacabana” pizza, and “Ipanema” salon.  Definitely a Brazilian vibe, I would say.  There’s also a some place called the “Tantra Lounge” as well as “Quijote” tapas bar.  

There are some gentrifiers around as well as many Hispanic and whites and some Middle Eastern presence.  There are still mostly low-slung houses and apartment buildings for housing, but there are a few larger tenement-style buildings around.  

In:  Similar to Broadway, but here the metal walls only cover ~1/3 of the platform sides.