Tuesday, May 5, 2009

N/W Trains - 39 Ave. (Day 9, stop #384)

Out:  Here there is a mix of Hispanic, white, and black people.  The surrounding area is suddenly much more industrial, with lots of factories and only a few small businesses.  

It definitely feels more desolate over here, as I can see parking lots, empty lots, and weeds coming out the sidewalk.   

The few establishments include the “Chicago Night Club” across from the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate, which is something of an odd juxtaposition.  

To the west I can see a number of row houses with smokestacks jutting out behind them in the distance.  There may be a couple small apartment buildings around, but not many.  The sidewalk is poorly maintained here and the pavement is disrupted by cracks and weeds.  I put my camera away at first as I start walking over to the F stop at Queensbridge.  Out on the streets of L.I.C., I notice a number of interesting things.  There are a whole lot of factories, including some that are still functioning but many that have closed down.  There are hardly any people on the street except for a few workers.  I was surprised to find a warehouse where all the coffee carts go to park in the afternoon once they’re removed from the streets of Manhattan (I wanted to take a photo but the guys in there were looking at me funny).  There are plenty of unpaved sidewalks and lots of broken glass around.

In:  Similar to previous stations, except here the metal panels extend the length of the platform even though part is not covered by the awning.