Tuesday, May 5, 2009

F Train - 21 St.-Queensbridge (Day 9, stop #385)

Out:  The area near the Queensbridge stop suddenly has a number of people around, which is strange after walking the near-empty streets in the part of L.I.C. between here and the 39 Ave. stop on the N/W.  There are a few stores here, an auto body shop, and some big brick housing projects.  Most of the people around are black with a few Hispanic.

In:  The entrance this station is all brick, as are the walls of the mezzanine.  There is a very large upper level with an escalator down to the platform level.  Half the platform level has a very high clearance with green panels as part of the ceiling; part of the platform has a concrete ceiling at a more typical height.  The walls have brown paneling, and the station signs are inset into the panels.  This station resembles one of the indoor MUNI stations in San Francisco.  There are some large circular metal columns near the platform, and there is a large metal structure as part of the track separator.  The layout is two platform, two track, with only local access.