Tuesday, May 5, 2009

F Train - Roosevelt Island (Day 9, stop #386)

Out:  From the stop here there is an excellent view of the East River, including the buildings of the Upper East Side and Midtown East, as well as the Queensboro Bridge (currently under construction; see photos). 
Right outside the station there are many people waiting for buses, presumably to take them to other parts of the island where it is too far to walk.  The people here seem mostly white and wealthy, but I see a few black and Asian people as well.  

There are fancy apartment/condo towers right by the stop.  Given this, I was surprised to see some cops drive by the stop; one of the few vehicles I even see here.  There is lots of open space and not many stores nearby (even though there is a Duane Reade).  Roosevelt Island: what a weird place.

In:  The station here has arched, rounded sides like a tunnel tube.  There are white brick walls and burgundy tile floors.  The dimly lit ceilings are made of metal panels with ridges.  The station again feels very 60’s or 70’s.  the mezzanine has a high ceiling with a metallic soft arch to it.  There are two long escalators necessary to get up to the booth, which is at street level.  This station is very far underground; it probably takes three minutes just to get to the exit.  The station house is architecturally interesting, as the front wall is all a large glass window and there is exposed red piping inside.