Tuesday, May 5, 2009

F Train - Lexington Ave.-63 St. (Day 9, stop #387)

Out:  The area outside this station is also very UES, with many boutique stores and rich white people.  There are a few workers around, but primarily the people on the street are the upper classes of NYC.  There aren’t too many tourists around here.  The housing is a mix of large apartments along with smaller town houses, and all are well-maintained and in good condition.

In:  Bright red brick tiling on the walls, with strangely inset wooden benches.  The lighting is bright and the station smells kind of damp.  The station has two levels, each with one track and one platform; the Queens-bound train is below the downtown one.  The far wall, across the track, is part grey tiling and part arching metal slats.  Part of the near wall, in glossy red brick, is also curving towards the top.  There is an escalator up to the mezzanine level, which has a white ceiling and ugly grey walls.  Then there another two long escalators up to the booth level, which is brightly lit.  There is yet another(!) escalator up to street level.  Why is this station constructed so far underground?  Probably the deepest one in the system, I would guess; but may be comparable to the uptown Manhattan stations with elevators.  On my way back in, I’m reminded of why I hate the Upper East Side when I see some girl with a dog in her handbag; ugh.