Tuesday, May 5, 2009

N/W Trains - 30 Ave.-Grand Ave. (Day 9, stop #381)

Out:  The area here is ethnically quite mixed.  There are lots of white, Europeans, gentrifiers, with some Hispanic and a few Asians.  I even see a couple of possible South Asian and Middle Eastern people.  There are lots of small stores, some with a Greek theme (Athena’s nails, Akropolis meats, Hermes travel), as well as a bagel place, banks, delis, Carvel, and organic grocery. 

There’s an Irish pub right by the train, and the “Athens Café” looks kind of upscale.  

All the buildings around are fairly low-slung.  I see an old dude hollering at girls on the street; I don’t think he has too much game, though.  

In:  The layout here is two platform, three track with express bypass.  Here there are the typical off-white metal ridged panels on the side, which go all the way to the end of the platform.  The roof is white with green metal supports by the platform edge.  The station house here is smaller, a more typical size for an elevated station.