Tuesday, May 5, 2009

N/W Trains - Astoria Blvd.-Hoyt Ave. (Day 9, stop #380)

Out:  More Greek-looking people here than at Ditmars.  Also a busy and large intersection, as Astoria Blvd. is quite wide and it leads into the onramp for the Triboro bridge.  The people outside are a mix of white, gentrifiers, and Hispanic.  Some of the places around are typical middle class stuff, including a deli, bagel place, pizzeria, and small offices.  The housing is mostly small apartments in brick or houses in brick or siding.

In:  The station is again elevated; the roof is made of red metal with some green metal underneath, with narrow green supports by the platform edge.  The setup here is two platform, three track for express and local access (even though there is only local service up here; it seems that the middle track is more a place for trains to lay up before going to Ditmars to begin service).  The station looks to be in good shape, with a recent paint job.  There are two supports for the sloped roof, which covers ~2/3 of the platform length.  The platform has no walls, and directly next to the station I can see the headquarters for a Greek-American newspaper.  Again there are black benches next to the black signboard with the station name.  The station house is still quite big for an elevated station.  There is a long pedestrian overpass attached to the station, allowing people to cross over Astoria Blvd./the Triboro Bridge approaches, even without using the turnstiles.