Monday, May 4, 2009

M Train - Knickerbocker Ave. (Day 8, stop #340)

Out:  This is fairly busy commercial strip here, which looks very Mexican/Puerto Rican.  There are some guys selling clothes on the street off of tables, which I haven’t seen much of outside of Manhattan.  There’s the “Corner Game Lounge”, a Mexican restaurant, and a computer place.  While a little busier, this neighborhood also appears fairly run-down.  The street smells like grilling meat, but it’s less appetizing given that the streets are dirty with trash strewn around.  The houses and small apartments around here are typically 3-4 stories and covered in siding, but more of them look in decent condition than compared to Central Ave.  Farther down Knickerbocker Ave. there are many stores in the Fulton Mall/125 St. mold, including Foot Locker and Jimmy Jazz.

In:  Similar to Central, but with all horizontal ridged panels on the walls, and a railing with views over one end.  On my re-entry I really want to sit down, but I notice there are no benches here. Pretty annoying.