Monday, May 4, 2009

M Train - Central Ave. (Day 8, stop #339)

Out:  This neighborhood also looks pretty run-down; it’s not just the station.  There are empty lots, a parking lot, a crappy little grocery store (I actually went there before, so I know it’s crappy), a dry cleaner, and broken down cars.  

The area seems to be mixed between Hispanic and black, but there may be a couple of gentrifiers.  Everything here appears depressed.  The housing is mostly brick or siding small apartment buildings and attached houses.  There is one newly renovated home right next to the stop, but this is definitely not the norm.

In:  The station here is elevated, with layout of two opposed platforms and two tracks.  Most of the side walls are the typical off white metal with vertical ridges, with a green awning and narrow metal columns.  However, some of the panels have horizontal ridges, which is strange.  Also, on part of the platform I can see over the side, where it is unusual that there is just a railing (i.e. no side wall) but still an awning.  The station house is small and located two flights down from the platform.  It looks like the station has had a recent paint job, but this wasn’t enough to prevent it from looking kind of old and run-down.