Monday, May 4, 2009

M Train - Middle Village-Metropolitan Ave. (Day 8, stop #338)

Out:  The station here is strangely situated.  The station house is a building at street level, in a small strip with a bar, pizzeria, and Polish bakery.  Across an access road, there is a big-box shopping center with a Toys ‘R’ Us and Levitz furniture.  And across Metropolitan Ave. there is a very large cemetery.  

The people around are mostly white/European, with some Hispanic, but also more black than previous stops on M.  I don’t see any residential structures around here; this stop feels closer to getting dropped by a strip mall in the suburbs.

In:  There is one narrow platform here, with lots of trash bags strewn about, and a small booth encased in brick.  There are metal columns in the middle of the platform.  The platform here is now at street level, with white long benches made of concrete.  The station house is made of brick with green accents, and it looks recently renovated.