Monday, May 4, 2009

L Train - Halsey St. (Day 8, stop #341)

Out:  This area looks pretty industrial, with some low apartment buildings mixed in with some garages/light industry, a gas station, and parking lots.   There is also a random small motel, a diner, a bodega, and a Latin restaurant. There are a few white people around and some Hispanic, but not a ton of people overall; hard to tell who lives here and who just works here.  There may even be a little gentrification, but there isn’t much going on in general.

In:  This station is underground again, and looks similar to the previous L stops in Brooklyn.  There is a blue/yellow/green mosaic tile station name, and yellow metal columns by the edge of the platform.  The station is kind of dim, but not that bad.  The white tile is kind of dirty in places, and there is also a fair amount of peeling paint.