Monday, May 4, 2009

L Train - Wilson Ave. (Day 8, stop #342)

Out:  The station here is at the dead end of Wilson Ave. where it hits the tracks.  The area is pretty quiet, with the main features being some small apartment buildings, some row houses with bay windows, and a school.  The area seems mostly black, with some Puerto Ricans, and possible a couple gentrifiers (all the way out here? Really?).  The houses are in brick or siding.  The only business right here is a deli, and there isn’t much else until a block or two away.  The neighborhood itself looks pretty rough, though, and there are some shady-looking guys hanging out on the stoop of some of the buildings.

In:  The Canarsie-bound station here is outdoors.  It’s in crappy condition, and the concrete walls have lots of peeling paint.  The platform smells of urine.  The platform is wide, with sea green metal on the side to support the awning.  There are no colorful tiles like at previous L stops.  As I leave to exit, I realize that the Manhattan-bound train is actually directly underneath the other track is not open to the outdoors.  This indoor portion also looks in pretty bad condition, though.  The station house is at street level here.