Monday, May 4, 2009

L Train - Grand St. (Day 8, stop #328)

Out: Exit here at corner of Grand and Bushwick Ave. The neighborhood here now looks a bit rougher, and it is definitely less gentrified (even though there are still a few white people around). There are a bunch of black and Hispanic teenagers around, as well as some thuggish-looking Asian kids. The houses are mostly small brick apartment buildings.

There is an ugly brown school, some buildings with siding, a fish market, and an old bank building now converted.

There’s also a “Latin Cuisine” restaurant trying to look fancy, but it’s mostly failing. Not a whole ton to see here.

In: The layout is similar to the previous two stops. Now the mosaic tile border is brown and green, and the tile mosaic station sign has a blue background. The station is not that clean, and there are no columns by the platform again.