Monday, May 4, 2009

L Train - Montrose Ave. (Day 8, stop #329)

Out:  The streets here are quite dusty, in the process of repaving.  There are not many people around, but the area seems to be mostly black or Hispanic, with a surprising number of gentrifiers.  The places around are pretty industrial, with a fuel oil place, mattress store, and a pizzeria, but not many other establishments.  Nearby there are some low-slung houses with some bigger apartment blocks in the distance.  

Many of the buildings look to be on the decrepit side.  I did manage to see a Loco Burrito here, one of the few eating establishments, and got some decent lunch at this Brooklyn chain.

In:  Similar to Grand St.  There is elaborate tiling on the “Montrose Ave.” sign on the wall, with a purple and red background and yellow border.  The top border of the wall has turquoise, purple, and yellow tiling.  The station is a bit dirty and dim, though.