Monday, May 4, 2009

L - Graham Ave. (Day 8, stop #327)

Out:  This area is still pretty gentrified, with a good number of hipsters around.  However, there is more of a ethnic mix with more Hispanic and some black here, as well as non-gentrifier white/European people.  Across the street from the stop, there is the OTB with its usual crowd of grizzled old guys (see photo).  

There are also a couple delis, a grocery, a burrito joint, and a back and foot rub place.  The area here seems pretty residential and does not look shady at all.  Some of the stores look like they are slightly upmarket, and there are also a couple of newer bars/restaurants nearby.  Almost all the housing is only a few stories, with attached homes covered in siding or brick.

In:  The layout here is again two platform, two track.  There is white tile on the walls, and it’s not as clean as Lorimer.  There are no columns by the platform edge, and the platform is quite narrow.  Again the mosaic tile station sign, in blue, looks very attractive.  The top of the walls have mosaic tile borders in brown and blue with a “G”.  The exit stairs have large grey tile flooring.