Monday, May 4, 2009

L Train - DeKalb Ave. (Day 8, stop #332)

Out:  This is a busier commercial stretch here, and the area seems more Hispanic.  I can smell food frying from the street, there are Puerto Rican flags flying, and a guy selling shaved ice on the corner.  There are plenty of small businesses, many with Spanish-sounding names.  There’s a Mexican music store, restaurant, and deli.  This area is definitely more residential than the previous stops, with brick row houses and small 3-4 story apartment buildings.  

There is also a small hospital affiliated with Cornell.  I don’t see many white people except for hospital staff, but there are still some fancy looking new loft apartments (called the “L Lofts”, after the train) as well as other older buildings with “Loft for Rent” signs.  Thus, I would guess that gentrification is even extending out to this stop, too.

In:  The same layout as previous L stops.  There is blue and green mosaic tiling on the signs, and yellow, blue, and green tiling at the top.  There are yellow-brick type tiles lining the exit, and blue metal columns.