Monday, May 4, 2009

L Train - Jefferson St. (Day 8, stop #331)

Out:  Exit at Jefferson St. and Wyckoff Ave.  The area here is still very industrial.  The streets are quite empty, and most of the surrounding buildings are factories or warehouses.  

The only people around here seem like they work at one of the industrial establishments; hard to tell who lives around here.  There are no small businesses on Jefferson.  I walk a couple blocks over to Starr Ave, and here there is a Mexican restaurant, a semi-upscale place called “Northeast Kingdom”, and a coffee shop serving tattooned hipsters.  

So I guess gentrification has even made it all the way over here; I didn’t know.  On Wyckoff there are a lot of body shop and half torn-up cars parked outside, helping to enhance the industrial feeling.  I did manage to find a few row houses in brown brick around (see photo), but there definitely is not much residential property near the stop.

In:  Similar to other L stations, with blue metal columns by the platform edge.  The mosaic tiling here has a brown and blue background with a yellow border.  The top border of the walls have yellow, blue, and brown mixed.