Monday, May 4, 2009

L Train - Myrtle Av.-Wyckoff Av. (Day 8, stop #333)

Out:  This intersection is busy, but largely non-descript.  There is Ridgewood Bingo (this stop is right on the border of that neighborhood in Queens), some delis, and low-slung houses in brick and siding.  The M tracks above let some light through onto the street.  The people outside seem mostly Hispanic, but there are a few Asian and Middle Eastern as well.  It seems that here the wave of gentrification along the L has finally ended.  Overall, the most interesting aspect of this intersection is the station itself.  It is situated at street level as a freestanding building.  It has a triangular shape, fitting the angular nature of the intersecting roads.  The station is partly covered in brown stone, but there is also green glass and a wavy metal façade on the side; I want to take some photos but there’s a cop outside and I don’t want to raise any suspicions so I don’t. It's a real shame as this is one of my favorite stations I've seen.

In:  Here the L stop only has one platform for trains going in both directions, but it’s still underground.  The platform area looks recently renovated, with tile floors and very clean walls.  The top half are all white tiles, while the bottom half is black.  There is mosaic tiling at the top of the wall with a red/grey/yellow stripe and an interspersed “M”.  There is no mosaic tile station name here.  The mezzanine here is long and narrow.  There is an escalator to the M train, which runs above ground on elevated tracks.  The roof above the escalator has skylights, allowing in some natural light, and there is also an impressive tile mural in the ceiling depicting trees and butterflies.