Monday, May 4, 2009

J/Z Trains - Kosciuzko St. (Day 8, stop #347)

Out:  There is a playground right by the stop here with basketball courts and a track with lots of kids playing on it.  Here there is more a of mix between black and Hispanic.  There is some new construction over here, a nail place, a salon, and medical offices.  The stores have professional signs and look well-maintained; also the streets are cleaner and there isn’t as much trash around.  It is continuing to get nicer as I get away from East New York.  There is another Family Dollar this stop, and a church nearby.  The residential buildings are mostly row houses with siding and small apartments in brick.  The only white dude I see looks crazy and is asking for change.

In:  Similar to the other stations on the J, with a small place to see over the side and some new paint.  On the way over I finally got to ride the Z train!  This is the only train where I could have conceivably gone to every station but never ridden.  I actually thought it only ran in the peak direction at rush hours, but I guess it’s going against the rush as well.  It also seems to not be going skip stop this direction.