Monday, May 4, 2009

J/M/Z Trains - Myrtle Ave. (Day 8, stop #348)

Out: This is a pretty big intersection here, between Broadway and Myrtle.

The neighborhood is still predominantly black, but there are a fair number of Hispanic people as well, and perhaps a white person or two. Some of the businesses around include Popeye’s, Dunkin Donuts, some delis, and a party expo. There are also some guys selling stuff on the street here, and there is a rank odor lingering in the air as well as trash lying around. There is a big mural of Puerto Rican leaders on the side of a building (see photo).

Most of the buildings around are small to medium apartments in brick or siding, but I do see a couple of older, well-preserved houses with bay windows (see photo above). However, there are also some abandoned houses around, too.

In: Two platform, three track setup with express access and no walls over the sides. There is some stained glass below the station signs in the middle of the platform. There is the M train on the far platform and possible express train in the middle (but I think late nights the M works off the middle track and then curves north). Each side has a concave roof with green metal columns. The station here looks pretty old. I need to use a crossover to reach the station house, with it lit with old orange sodium lights; the station house looks pretty ancient, as well.