Monday, May 4, 2009

J/M/Z Trains - Flushing Ave. (Day 8, stop #349)

Out:  The area here seems quite ethnically mixed; it’s about evenly split between black and Hispanic, but there are also white/European and Middle Eastern people around.  It’s a busy intersection, with lots of random stuff being sold on the street (belts, jewelry, flags, sunglasses) along with many bigger stores such as Duane Reade, Walgreens, Fat Albert (see photo), and Foot Locker.  The stop is also right next to the monolithic Woodhull Medical Center.  

There are some residential buildings on the side streets, mostly small to medium apartment buildings.  While I’m out at this stop some kids start talking shit to me about taking photos, but I just ignore them and nothing else happens.

In:  Similar to Halsey/Chauncey, etc.  The paint looks a little older, but otherwise quite similar.  The artwork inside at first resembles stained glass, but upon closer inspection it is some colored panels encased behind rougher glass.  There is also an elevator here to the elevated station, a rarity.