Monday, May 4, 2009

J/M/Z Trains - Marcy Ave. (Day 8, stop #352)

Out: The intersection here is totally covered by the train tracks; they don’t just run in the middle of the street, as usual. There are a few white people around, but it’s still mostly Hispanic with some black presence.

There are many small stores here, as well as a seafood restaurant, pizza place, “Rainbow” clothing, 99¢ store, Bank of America, and party supply store. Senor Taco (surprisingly) looks a little upscale.

Quite a variety going on here. The streets are still pretty dirty, though, and the neighborhood still looks a big rough. There is a big bus depot close to the station and I can see the Williamsburg bridge in the distance.

In: The station walls here have flat white paneling with green trim, and the roof angles straight off the back wall. Some panels are replaced by stained glass here. The station house is small, and I can see over the edge of the platform at the end.