Monday, May 4, 2009

B/D Trains - Grand St. (Day 8, stop #353)

Out:  Right in the thick of Chinatown here.  There are tons of people out and the sidewalks are packed.  

Most of the people are Chinese or other Asian, but there are a few other races as well as some tourists mixed in.   There are a number of restaurants, bakeries, random food markets, and park across Chrystie St.  

The food markets have all different types of food, some of it still alive.  There are also a bunch of guys fixing shoes on the sidewalk near the station. 

The buildings are mostly small apartments and some tenements.  If I didn’t mention it before: the streets are crowded!  Also the sidewalks and streets are pretty narrow as well, which doesn’t necessarily help.  

In:  The train entrance here smells like old fish.  The booth area is a decent size but it’s very crowded and almost difficult to exit the turnstiles here because so many people are streaming in.  There is also a waiting area beyond the turnstiles but above the tracks.  The layout is two opposing platforms with two tracks, and both the platform and mezzanine areas are dimly lit.  There are large, off-white rectangular tiles interspersed with blue squares with “Grand” painted in white.  The platform is also on a strange grade, with the front and back of the platform at a pretty different elevation.