Tuesday, May 5, 2009

G Train - Nassau Ave. (Day 9, stop #396)

Out:  The vibe here is different than that at Greenpoint Ave.  There is much more gentrification around here, and it feels less Polish.  There are some hoodier-looking delis and Crown Fried Chicken as well, making the neighborhood seem a little less nice.  There is new construction going up here, but most of the buildings are still low-slung in brick, siding, or the weird wooden shingles I only really see in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. 

Some of the more gentrified spots include a  Japanese restaurant, “Golden Café Modern Thai”, and “Johnny’s Café.”  

However, this is also the Polonia bakery and many other signs still in Polish.  There seems to be a bit more Hispanic presence here as well, but not too much.  There are still a few non-gentrified dive bars around, as well as some non-Polish, non-gentrified white people.

In:  Similar to Greenpoint Ave. except there is no real mezzanine area here and I need to use the underpass to cross over to the northbound platform in order to exit.  The station is just below street level here.