Tuesday, May 5, 2009

L Train - Bedford Ave. (Day 9, stop #397)

Out:  The buildings around are quite low-slung, and the people around are almost all hipsters of all ethnicities.  There are delis, a thrift store, and a pharmacy.  For some reason the atmosphere is both calm and active at the same time.  This might be helped by the impending sunset and the nice breeze blowing through the trees.  

There is still a Polish meat market here, but it’s clear that the neighborhood has changed significantly.  There are many upscale bars and restaurants nearby as well as lots of new construction (likely to be luxury rentals or condos).  There is a colorfully painted juice truck and lots of bikes parked on the street right by the stop (see photo); a sign of hipster-dom.

In:  The station here is a single platform with trains in both directions, and it’s dimly lit.  There are white tile walls, and some mosaic tiling at the top border.  The walls are pretty dirty from leaks, and greenish columns by the platform edge.  There isn’t really much of a mezzanine, but the booth is up a fairly long staircase.