Tuesday, May 5, 2009

G Train - Greenpoint Ave. (Day 9, stop #395)

Out:  At corner of Greenpoint Ave. and Manhattan Ave.  Here there is a very large amount of Polish stuff.  There’s the “Polonaise Terrace”, a fancy restaurant and events space, the Polish Federal Credit Union, and lots of people on the street speaking Polish.  

Most of the people around are white and Polish, but there are also a decent number of gentrifiers; I also saw a couple of Hispanics and South Asians.  There are many brick buildings here in good condition.  There are also plenty of small stores around, many with a Polish theme.  One interesting building is an old theater that has been converted to a Starbucks (see photo).  

There are also a couple of other hipster-looking bars; but, in general, still pretty Polish over here!

In:  The layout here is two platform, two track with blue-green metal columns and a tile stripe of the same color.  There is a mosaic station name with black background and green border.  The station is fairly dimly lit and the paint on the ceiling is peeling badly.  The mezzanine is again about half the size of the platform level.  The station has an unpleasant odor of old meat.