Tuesday, May 5, 2009

G Train - 21 St.-Van Alst (Day 9, stop #394)

Out:  This station is near the LIRR stop, in the Hunters Point neighborhood.  There are a number of large abandoned buildings near the stop, as well as some factories, distribution warehouses, and a few smaller businesses.  

In general though there aren’t too many stores around, nor is there much foot traffic.  The only people I see over here are a number of white office workers heading to the LIRR as well as a bunch of cabbies filling up at the nearby gas station.  In general, though, I’m not sure who actually lives over here.

In:  The layout here is still single platform with trains in both directions.  There are purple metal columns on the platform, a green tile stripe on the wall, and small “21” painted on tiles.  It smells damp in here.  There are concrete floors and lots of the wall tiles are really dirty from various leaks.  The lighting is ok, at least.  The mezzanine is half the size of the platform, but still quite long and wide.