Monday, May 4, 2009

G Train - Flushing Ave. (Day 8, stop #323)

Out:  I exit here at Marcy and Flushing and I observe that there really isn’t too much going on outside this stop.  There is a big empty parking lot, some factories, some construction, and some housing projects.  

There are no businesses around.  Only a few people around, but the ones I see are a mix of black, Hispanic, and Orthodox Jewish.  I’m not very sure of the character of the neighborhood, though; it might be on the border between two areas (i.e. East Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy).  The housing in the area mostly looks like big apartment blocks. Also: it is HOT out here!

In:  Similar to Myrtle-Willoughby, but with yellow columns and a curving platform.  It’s surprisingly cool in here on this hot July day.