Monday, May 4, 2009

G Train - Broadway (Day 8, stop #324)

Out:  The stop here, at the corner of Broadway and Union, is directly underneath the J tracks, but there is no transfer available to any of the J stations.  

There is a gas station, a 99¢ store, a florist, a Kosher bakery, and an auto body shop.  The surrounding area looks pretty run-down in general, though, and also dirty.  The streets are wide and there are some empty lots in the vicinity.  The housing is mostly large apartment blocks/projects, but there are some smaller apartment buildings around, too.  

The people seem to be mostly black and Hispanic, but there are also some Orthodox and white around.

In:  This station is similar to the previous stops on the G train, but with green border tiling on a black tile background for the mosaic station sign.  There are blue-green metal columns by the platform edge, and some spots with evidence of some pretty bad leaks (I’m glad it’s not raining today).  The mezzanine here isn’t too big.