Monday, May 4, 2009

G Train - Metropolitan Ave. (Day 8, stop #325)

Out:  Exit here at Metropolitan and Union.  Now firmly in Williamsburg.  There’s a fancy American restaurant (DuMont) as well as upscale Mexican place, organic groceries, and lots of hipster gentrifiers.  However, there is still a good number of black and Hispanic people as well.  There are also a couple of Polish establishments (electronics, paint).  The housing is mostly small apartment buildings and row houses. 

I can see the BQE fairly close by.  The neighborhood right here looks a little rough around the edges but obviously gentrifying and does not feel dangerous.

In:  This station is similar to Broadway, but in better condition.  There are green metal columns by the platform.  The mezzanine is wide, long, and brightly lit.  There are murals in tile on the walls, with messages like “Same/Sane” on grass and “Faith/Fate” on a boulder.  There is a tunnel for the transfer to the L, and a long stairway up to the exit.