Monday, May 4, 2009

G Train - Myrtle-Willougby Avs. (Day 8, stop #322)

Out:  I exit at Myrtle and Marcy Avs.  The housing next to the stop is all low-slung small apartment buildings and row houses, with some buildings that look more industrial-type.  About a block away is a small park and the Marcy Projects (is that what J-Z would always talk about?).  

There aren’t too many businesses here, basically just a gas station.  Despite the decent amount of foot traffic here, the lack of businesses, trees, and the many open spaces between buildings still makes it feel a little deserted.  The people around look primarily black, but there are some Hispanics as well.  There may be a small amount of gentrification, but this is only because I saw a couple of white people in the train station; there’s not much evidence otherwise.

In:  Similar to Clint-Wash, with purple metal columns.  There is no mezzanine, though, and it’s just one level up from the platform to the exit.  The station is still pretty dingy and the lighting isn’t great.