Monday, May 4, 2009

G Train - Clinton-Washington Aves. (Day 8, stop #319)

Out: The area near this stop is very residential. There are large brick apartment buildings, a stone church (see photo), and lots of beautiful brownstones. There are also plenty of trees around here, giving this area a pleasant atmosphere (is this still Fort Greene, or Clinton Hill?). The neighborhood demographically seems mostly black with some white, but since there aren’t really many businesses over here I don’t see a ton of people around. At the corner of Clinton and Vanderbilt, there is a large cathedral (see photo) and a historic house (see photo).

I walked a little more and see even more impressive brownstones, along with some other row houses in siding. Close by I also find the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, with its imposing boxy architecture (see photo).

I definitely like the feel of this area, even if it is a little devoid of people at the moment.

In: Similar to Fulton St., but with yellow metal columns. Upstairs here there is a really long mezzanine that extends the length of the platform, it’s also quite wide with ok lighting. I exit at Clinton and Lafayette.