Monday, May 4, 2009

G Train - Classon Ave. (Day 8, stop #320)

Out:  The surroundings here are definitely a bit rougher than at the previous couple of G stops.  It’s also a bit busier outside on the street.  There are a couple of delis, a small drug store, a grocery, and a school.  There are also some large projects right by the stop (see photo).  

Now definitely in Clinton Hill, the neighborhood looks mostly black with very little gentrification.
There are no longer any nice brownstones right by the stop, but there are some nice brick/siding row houses.

In:  The layout here is similar to Clinton-Washington, but the lighting is a little better. The metal columns by the platform are painted a garish shade of blue.  The mezzanine is wide but not as long as at C-W, and there is just one exit.  There is a guy playing the mandolin in the station when I come back in to leave; that’s pretty surprising.