Monday, May 4, 2009

G Train - Fulton St. (Day 8, stop #318)

Out: Here in Fort Greene, the neighborhood is evenly split ethnically between white and black. The houses around here are well-maintained, and there are also some upscale bars and restaurants at Fulton & Lafayette as well as the usual delis and banks. This stop is close to the Williamsburg Savings Bank (see photo) as well as BAM.

There are brick row houses around as well as some small apartment buildings. I took a photo of some particularly cool row houses with mini-columned facades.

There are two(!) real estate offices here, indicating the level of interest in buying property and further gentrifying the neighborhood.

In: Similar to Bergen St., but with purple metal columns; the tile accents are sea green, though, as is the background on the mosaic tile station name. In order to exit I need to cross over under the tracks and walk out; the underpass tunnel smells pretty dank.